Legal stuff : LISA may only be used in accordance with the license agreements listed in Chapter 14 of the Tutorials and Reference Guide.

Option 1: Individual or Private Single User, CDN$ 99.99
(Please do not use this option if you are going to be reimbursed by your employer or are paying from an expense account. This low price is solely for the benefit of people who have to spend their own personal money to use LISA.)

Option 2: Business/Corporate Single User, CDN$ 299.99
(Please use this option if your business or employer is the final payer for your copy of LISA)

Option 3: Business/Corporate Multiple Users (max 3)*, CDN$ 499.99
(Please use this option if your business or employer is the final payer for upto three copies of LISA)

*Business/Corporate Multiple Users (more than three users), please contact us for special pricing.

The activated version of LISA is identical to the free version except that the 1300 node limit is lifted. The license is perpetual and will never expire. LISA is a 32 bit program that will also run on 64 bit Windows operating systems. 32 bit programs can access a maximum of 2GB RAM, so LISA is suitable only for small finite element models. The largest model that can be solved is typically about 60000-100000 nodes for static analysis, 40000 nodes for modal vibration with solid elements and over 100000 nodes for thermal analysis. Decimation can be used in time-step problems (thermal transient, dynamic response and modal response) to reduce memory requirements.